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Fight Club Tycoon - Idle Fight

Have you ever thought about creating your own combat sports gym or even a fight club while playing some fight games? Well, Fight Club Tycoon is the fighting game to make this dream of yours come true! Fight Club Tycoon is a brand new idle tycoon game that lets you go through all the stages of building a real fight club – from a street fighter to a full-scale training complex that builds world champs. Dive into action and learn to manage your punch club and decide the direction you want it to develop in. CLEAR AND INTUITIVE GAMEPLAY Fight Club Tycoon is an idle tycoon and fun fighting game that brings an array of features that make playing this action game enjoyable and stress-free. · Street fighters draw new members to your fighting club: the more street fighters hired, the more people will join your club; · Boxing room: develop boxing skills and strength by building and improving the ring, punch bags, barbells, and wardrobes; · Kung-Fu room: develop Kung-Fu and karate skills by building and upgrading the Kung-Fu ring, training poles, twine pads, sword holders, statues, brazier, and pots; · Wrestling room: train your members’ wrestling skills by building and upgrading the wrestling ring, wrestling dummies, jump stairs, weapons, champion belts, and makeup table; · Bathroom: improve the comfort of your fight club by building and improving the toilets, showers, and washbasins; · Dining room: make sure your fighters are never hungry by building and upgrading the dinner tables, cooks, fridge, dishwasher, oven, and rack; · Living room: make the most faithful of your club members feel at home by building rooms for them, placing beds, etc. · Relaxation room: every fighter needs a place for relaxation and this is exactly what it is; · WFC room: the best fighters deserve to fight at the best venues; · Storage: store your special items that you will need for upgrades and trading; · Money: use the earned money to buy and upgrade your rooms, equipment, and decorations; · Gloves: use to upgrade your boxing ring and trading; · Ying-yang: use to upgrade street fighters, various items in your rooms, and trading; · Kimonos: use to upgrade your Kung-Fu ring and trading; · Masks: use to upgrade the wrestling ring and trading; · Trade with the Army, Italians, Russians, and Yakuza to get additional perks; · Improve the rooms to get more profit and other items to draw more members and develop your club. Download Fight Club Tycoon for FREE and build the best fight club ever!

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